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Exporters Of The Finest
South African Fruit


Quality assurance
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Green Marketing International was established in 1994 and is involved in various aspects of agriculture. The major part of our business is associated with the export of fresh produce, mainly to retailers in Europe and particularly England while there has been growing focus on the Far East. Our product focus is on stonefruit, grape, topfruit, citrus and persimmons.



Our offices are situated in Simondium. (near Paarl) Many of the growers who produce fruit for us have farms in the surrounding areas and we are therefore able to visit them on a daily basis. Two exceptions are the Orange River grape production area as well as the citrus production areas in the north of the country. In both of these areas we have full time employees who co-ordinate export and manage quality control of the fruit.


Specialist fruit

We are specialist exporters and concentrate our effort on quality rather than quantity. Our aim is to provide our customers with a focused service for their specific requirements.