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Green Marketing International was established in 1994 and is involved in various aspects of agriculture.

The story of GM started in 1994 with the vision of offering new and innovative crop protection products into the export fruit production industry. At the time the concept of switching from cheaper conventional pesticides into using more expensive but environmentally friendly fungicides and insecticides was somewhat foreign and was viewed with some scepticism and resistance. Suffice to say that today the “green” approach to crop protection is well endorsed by the export fruit industry and continues to gain momentum each year as environmental concerns continue to remain high on the agenda of responsible fruit production world wide.

A similar moment to do something different and innovative occurred in 1998 when the deciduous and citrus fruit industries were de regulated in South Africa. For the first time growers were given the opportunity to choose how to export and market their fruit in South Africa. Green Marketing International seized on this opportunity and diversified its activities into export fruit marketing and become one of the first companies to be established in the new deregulated environment.

Green Marketing International is based in Simondium near Paarl and has occupied the same offices for more than 20 years. It is a rural setting and much of the fruit which is exported and marketed by Green Marketing International is grown on farms in the surrounding areas.

Many export fruit companies have come and gone in the 14 years since deregulation. Currently there are more than 200 registered fruit export companies with roughly 25 responsible for the bulk of the volume. Green Marketing International continues to remain one of the key export companies making up this small group of specialised marketing companies.

Green Marketing International exports a full basket of fruit with the current mix including Apples, Pears, Citrus, Grape and Stonefruit.

Exports 2015

Exports 2015

Marketing Strategy & Varietal Development

Varietal development

  • Significant investment in breeding programmes.
  • Green Marketing is one of only three exporters nominated in South Africa by Sunworld to export their range of new stonefruit varieties (Suapri 7, Suapri 8, Black Diamond plum range), and one of five exporters handling the Sunworld grape varieties.
  • Green Marketing has exclusivity to the Nevis stonefruit range in South Africa (new apricot varieties), as well as the Sonya apple variety.
  • Green Marketing is one of two exporters licensed to export the SDR range of apricots from South Africa, and the only exporter licensed to export from the Western Cape.
  • Green Marketing is one of three exporters licensed to export Ben Dor stonefruit varieties from South Africa.
  • Green Marketing is one of only a few exporters with access to Zaiger & Bradford varieties grown in the Western Cape.
  • Green Marketing developed the grape cultivar Helena and is the only exporter of this cultivar.

Pesticide Reduction

  • Inhouse initiative driven by chempac
  • FCM Mating disruption in citrus
  • CM Mating disruption in apples and pears
  • Monitoring of FF, FCM, Thrips in citrus and stonefruit
  • Monitoring of FF, CM, Mealy bug in topfruit and grapes
  • Stem Band control of Snout beetle in topfruit and grapes
  • Development of new Bacillus Subtilis Botryticide for grape.

Exports 2015

Quality Control

  • Development and implementation of a total quality management system.
  • Implementation of export fruit quality specifications.
  • Liaison with packhouse management regarding fruit quality and other technical aspects
  • Monitoring of daily packed fruit quality and feedback to Commercial team.
  • Control of packhouse fruit shelf life system.
  • Management of quality control and packing at source
  • Compilation of packing specifications
  • Management of shipping- and storage temperatures as well as technical matters relating to packing material