Accreditations and Affiliates


The GLOBALG.AP Chain of Custody Standard is an essential certificate for all producers and retailers handling GLOBALG.AP certified products. It ensures that any product bearing a GLOBALG.AP label or sold as a GLOBALG.AP certified product is sourced from GLOBALG.AP certified farms.

The GLOBALG.AP Chain of Custody (CoC) Standard gives you the level of transparency and integrity that provides added value to your product and brand in the market and added reassurance to your customers.

Certification according to the GLOBALG.AP Chain of Custody (CoC) standard ensures the segregation and traceability, and thus integrity, of your product’s GLOBALG.AP certification status throughout its entire cycle, from the farm to the restaurant or market shelf.

Green Marketing is a member of APAC, the South African industry body that regulates the operations of fresh produce, export and livestock agents and maintains and monitors the status and integrity of persons practicing those operations according to section 9, Agricultural Produce Agents Act, 12 of 1992.

Green Marketing International (Pty) Ltd is a registered credit provider (NCRCP7791) that supports the National Credit Act.

The National Credit Act aims to promote responsible credit granting and use. To achieve this a credit provider would need to check whether the consumer can afford the credit before granting the credit.

The Act provides one set of rules for all credit activities and establishes new/improved rights for credit consumers. The aim of the Act is to prevent reckless lending, over-indebtedness and unfavourable lending practices.


South Africa™s official perishable produce export certification agency. Impartial, independent and reliable services for producers and exporters.




The Fresh Produce Exporters™ Forum (FPEF) is a voluntary, non-profit organization with more than 140 members, accounting for about 90% of fresh produce exported from South Africa. The FPEF is also a member of Fruit South Africa (FSA), together with the country™s five growers™ associations.


FPEF members consist of fresh produce exporters, producer-exporters, export and marketing agents, pack-houses, logistics and other service providers. Whilst membership is voluntary and open to all South African fresh produce exporting companies and industry service providers, strict accreditation criteria and a Code of Conduct apply to ensure that only competent and reliable marketing agents and grower-exporters are admitted to the Forum.

Hortgro focus on the production, research and technology, communication, markets, and transformation within the deciduous fruit industry.

Hortgro Pome, previously known as the South African Apple and Pear Producers’ Association (SAAPPA), was established in the early 1970’s to promote and protect the interests of the apple growers, and later also those of the pear growers of South Africa.

In August 1990, the Plum Producers™ Association and the Nectarine and Peach Producers™ Association dissolved and founded the South African Stone Fruit Producers™ Association (SASPA). Following the changes initiated by the new Agricultural Marketing Act of 1996, SASPA converted to a Section 21 (non-profit) company in 1997. In 2018 SASPA changed its name to Hortgro Stone

SATI is the representative of the South African Table grape Industry. SATI continually strive to improve the Industry efficiencies and competitiveness by providing timeous and credible information and market intelligence. All producers of table grapes in South Africa are compelled to register with the South African Table grape Industry (SATI) who is also the levy administrator.



The CGA was established by citrus growers in the wake of deregulation in 1997. The CGA represents the interests of the producers of export citrus. In total approximately 1400 growers throughout Southern Africa (including Zimbabwe and Swaziland) are members of the Association. h institutions and suppliers to the citrus industry. The levy paid by all growers of export citrus has been a statutory levy since 2002. The CGA administers this levy and the growers have the mandate to advise the priorities and expenditure, The Citrus Growers Association goal is to maximize the long-term profitability of its members by: providing the industry with access to global markets, optimizing cost effective production of quality fruit, continual commitment to research, development and communication with all stakeholders, caring for the environment and the community within which we operate.